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Date: 2016-09-12 04:24 am (UTC)
circumitus: (503): forewarning i'll probably have done those drugs with you (i wanna bring you to show and tell)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[Shortly after this conversation and before taking a little jaunt that she's agreed to:]

I'm heading out to the Silent Hill zone with someone. Just thought you should know.

[Because reasons.]
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Date: 2016-09-12 04:49 am (UTC)
circumitus: I CAN QUIT ANY FUCKING TIME I WANT. (i'm not drunk YOU'RE drunk)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[She's trying to work on this thing where she actually acknowledges that people give a shit about her and her wellbeing. It's weird.]

Because it came up in conversation. And he decided it'd be great to take me seriously when I told him to take a "field trip" there for an idea on how well trying to kill one of the gods worked out.

Suppose sarcasm doesn't convey through text much unless you use the little smiley faces.


Date: 2016-09-12 01:06 pm (UTC)
circumitus: ...and then i realized im still drunk. (thinking 'wow glad i'm not hungover')
From: [personal profile] circumitus
No worries.

[Always worry.]

There is another reason why I'm doing this. I'll keep you updated...


Date: 2016-09-15 02:28 am (UTC)
circumitus: - XOXO dad (time to smoke my breakfast)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[Better than no news at all, right, Nick?]


For what it's worth, you'll know one way or another when I get home.

[So it won't be that long of a wait. Maybe.]


Date: 2016-09-17 07:01 am (UTC)
circumitus: 'Cause it makes him feel like a fish. (says he likes to get high and swim)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[There's a long pause on her end, and then:]

Will do.

[With that, she clicks out.]


Date: 2016-09-17 07:08 am (UTC)
circumitus: 10 stitches. scar on forehead. totally going tell ppl my parents died fighting Voldemort. (fell off bed. face first.)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[It's a long time later before Nick gets any hint that Rey is even alive. She doesn't immediately report back to him after the event with news of her survival. She's too distracted for that, and regrettably doesn't consider it.

[Not to mention it's late. Late enough for the city to be dark, at least, so it's about as close to one's perception of "night" as you're going to get.

[The door slams softly shut behind her as Rey stumbles in through the front entrance of the house she shares with Nick. Despite the nicks and dings here and there, she seems relatively in one piece. Just recovering from the adrenaline high that got her blood flowing, only now winding down. Barely.

[Because of that, she wasn't really sure if she should return home at all tonight. Or ever.

[She frowns and lifts her head towards the seemingly empty living area.]

Nick? You home?

[Since he doesn't live upstairs anymore and he doesn't need to sleep, she doesn't feel the need to call too loud.]


Date: 2016-09-18 02:09 am (UTC)
circumitus: Just remembered. (i woke up in the shower this morning)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[It's obvious before Nick even says anything. Rey knows that she should have called sooner, and the thought did occur to her when she had walked out of the Silent Hill zone some time ago. But she was so hopped up on the rush of violence still that she didn't trust herself not to give him even more cause for concern.

[With a heavy exhale, Rey makes her way over to the couch, then carelessly falls into the cushion. If she gets a few blood splotches here and there, it makes no difference to her. Cleaning isn't a high priority at the moment.]

It's fine. I was made for this sort of thing.

[Mostly. It wasn't really what her mother had in mind when they had first constructed her vessels, but that ended up being where the project headed. Especially after her original's theatrical display after killing her twin in cold blood. Seems that it just comes natural to her.]

Date: 2016-09-18 04:38 am (UTC)
circumitus: ...and then i realized im still drunk. (thinking 'wow glad i'm not hungover')
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[Naturally, Rey would be swift to argue what "all" she is. But that would open up a can of worms that she doesn't want to talk about. Not while there are other affairs to address.

[She leans her head over the back cushion of the couch, her eyes rolling to the side to meet Nick's, glowing in the shadows of the room.]

I wanted to confirm something. Whether or not we might have a "problem child".

[Like and like, she would also argue. Despite where they headed, part of her actually didn't have a terrible time.]

Date: 2016-09-18 05:36 am (UTC)
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[It's too bad that he just can't take her word for it and leave it at that, but his response is expected.]

And we may have a problem. Perhaps not now, or tomorrow. But eventually.


Nothing seriously bad happened, for the record. Well, other than running into what you'd usually expect when heading into that part of the city.

Date: 2016-09-18 05:56 am (UTC)
circumitus: Because you're marine grade... You rascal. (you need 400 proof or marine proof)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
No, he's one of the new batch of arrivals. Said his name was Sato. Blond, older guy. Wears a hat.

He seems pleasant, but I'd be careful.

Date: 2016-09-18 06:19 am (UTC)
circumitus: Why was that not a good enough reason to put me to bed? (threw a jar of pickles at a police car)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[It really is.]

About what you'd expect. Things changed. We were attacked, and he didn't even miss a beat. Didn't hesitate, or panic.

[She pauses, before choking out the words:] He's... like me, in a way.

[Rey just tends to keep that side of herself in check when no one else is around.]

Date: 2016-09-18 06:34 am (UTC)
circumitus: (503): forewarning i'll probably have done those drugs with you (i wanna bring you to show and tell)
From: [personal profile] circumitus

[And it has nothing to do with the fact that he walked off while she was being attacked like he was leaving her to pick out a new pair of shoes, or that he didn't balk at the hellish transition of the Silent Hill zone.]

The issue is, I'm not sure if the Guard is equipped to handle someone like that.

Date: 2016-09-18 06:48 am (UTC)
circumitus: She was stuck there, we simply exchanged rides. (it's not like i paid for sex)
From: [personal profile] circumitus
[It's more than just what the Guard can or can't handle. Sato's initial inquiry that sparked the whole outing still nags at her:

["Have you ever thought about what it would take to kill a god?"]

He can't die, for one thing. Not talking about the way most people seem to be eventually brought back by Hope -- you shoot this guy dead, he's alive and kicking a few seconds later.

[Not that... Rey shot him dead or anythi--

[It was an accident.]

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